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Jul 2013

10 Reasons to Use Social Media in your Business

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Have you been debating whether on not to get into Twitter, Facebook or any of the other numerous Social Media sites? It’s often a daunting thought for the average technophobe business owner. You deal with numbers, people, logic and business savvy, and now the world is run by tweets, likes, reposts and followers!

Well here are just 10 of the reasons you should look into social media as a way of taking your business to the next level!

1. Just another space to show off your business and it’s products:  Marketing experts say that a potential customer has to see or hear of your business at least three times before they decide to shop there. Social media and it’s many branches may be the source for those extra few views a customer needs to see your business before it realizes that you’re the one for them!

2. Customer interaction: The real time availability of access to customers can help better your day to day service along with having a better informed idea of what your customers are looking for.

3. Exponential Word of Mouth: In now day and age of technology and rapid communication, every follower, every like and every friend could potentially be speaking about your product to 1000’s of people with a single post. It’s word of mouth on a massive scale!

4. Niche Marketing: If you didn’t know about something today, how would you find out about it? Google! And chances are there is a online forum, Facebook group or Twitter hashtag about it! Tap into those niche markets quickly and easily with social media marketing

5. Search Engine Rankings: Customers need to find you quickly online, and social media can help. Social media sites account for around 40% of your SEO in the current search engine algorithms. This means that all your social media interactions now count towards  how search engines rank your site!

6. Breaking news!: In a world that thrives on current and up to date news, what better way to get news out there than one social media sites!

7. Competitors may have beaten you there: Social media sites don’t discriminate. Whether you’re a law firm, sneaker brand or panel beater, everyone needs social media, and the likelihood that you’re competitor is using it already is very high! Don’t get left behind!

8. Customer Relations: When you have competitors crawling out of the woodwork on a daily basis, maintaining and enhancing your customer relations is a tried and trusted method of getting them to come back for more!

9. Social Media Creativity: Did you hear about that baby juggling chocolate bars? Of course you did! It’s viral advertising! Who doesn’t want to see a baby juggling chocolate bars! And chances are the next time you crave a chocolate bar, you’ll buy what remember that baby and his chocolate bars and you’ll know exactly which chocolate you want

10. FREE FREE FREE!: Who doesn’t love free marketing platforms? With TV costing an arm and a leg, radio isn’t much cheaper either, how can you say to social media? The initial setup is free and if you want to get fancy you may have to pay small amounts, but it sure beats the crazy cash you’ll have to shell out for TV or radio!

Author: Jeanne Malherbe

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