Email Branding

Increase sales and build brand awareness by branding your emails and bulk emailing


Our system already delivers technology as a service to over 500 leading enterprise and thousands of small business clients on 5 continents.

Highly flexible and cost-effective our proven technology allows small businesses to take full control over the flow, appearance, compliancy and delivery of every email they send.

Considering that with our system your branded email correspondence is interactive, measurable, increases website traffic and generates new business leads, it is clear that no small business should miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.

Branding email correspondence our way is set become a universal corporate imperative for successful small businesses. Why not take advantage of this opportunity today and enhance your reputation as a market leader.


Compliant with all email systems – If it goes via the server then there is no worry that the template (with multiple links and marketing inserts) will arrived not the way it was designed.

Multiple templates - More and more SME’s realise the important of keeping their brand fresh and staying top of mind of their clients. Using our system, you can create a variety of differnt templates, each focusing on different services / products in the company. These templates can be activated various ways:

  • The system will randomly select a template from the list
  • An specific template can be selected by adding a short code in the subject line of the email
  • Templates can be assigned over a period of time and will automatically activate and deactivate

Marketing Reports - full breakdown of the amount of emails that was send per user / per company and if there was any clicks on their branding

Confirmation alert emails - Each time somebody clicks on your branding an alert email is send to the sender with the name of the link that was click

Central brand control - Because the branding is residing on the server the management of marketing inserts is simplified and changes will only have to be done at one place and not to all the relevant PC’s

Hassle free implementation - No need to send HTML files and instruction documents

No impact on your bandwidth - The user will not see his branding when he writes and email. The branding only gets attached when the email is send

RSS feeds – RSS feeds can be loaded onto the branding to display latest news, products…

Free software updates – The user will have free access to all our software updates


As a small business you most probably send hundreds if not thousands of emails to customers, partners and prospects every week. Originating from a trusted sender they are likely opened and read, guaranteeing you nearly 100% exposure.

Email Branding can help to:

  • Standardize your company e-mails
  • Optimize the use of everyday emails
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve client retention and loyalty
  • Cost effectively market products and services
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Ensure all business email compliancy

Utilizing your business emails as a brand enhancement and marketing platform makes absolute business sense. If you are serious about building your business and brand Rocketseed is the ultimate business solution for you.

Template Design R750 includes one concept and 4 revisions
Per User R50 per email address (licence), per month, unlimited emails