Link Building Campaign

Growing the link profile of a website is critical to gaining traction, attention and traffic from the search engines.


Links remain the most important external signal for search rankings, which is why Link Building Camaigns are so effective in rapidly increasing search engine rankings for particular keywords. Search Engines make the assumption that the more incoming links your website has the more important it must be and therefore the higher your site will rank. Search engines rate websites with quality links as authoritative sites, and an authoritative website gets priority ranking above all other websites, which means top billing on the search pages. 


If you would like to give your site an initial boost to speed up the process, we can do a once off link generation campaign. We use 6 keywords with the aim of getting all 6 onto the 1st page of Google. See details below.

  1. 300+ Top Page Rank Directory submissions.
    We add your website on 300+ Directory links.

  2. 400 Do-Follow Social Bookmark links
    We bookmark your website on 50 Top Social Bookmark links with the help of 8 Different Social user Accounts, so a total number of bookmarks is 8*50=400.

  3. 450 Article Submission
    This means we add your 3 articles on 150 Top Page rank article directory links, which means a total of (3*150=450) Article submissions. Your Site will get themed Links from Different C-Class IP sites.

  4. Article Writing
    We also write 3 keyword rich articles with 3% keyword density and 500 words for Article Submission work.

  5. 150 Press Release Distribution.
    We Distribute the 3 articles on 50 top Free press Release websites, which means 3*50=150 Press Release Distribution.

When we finish the above work we will provide you with the following details:

  1. In the case of Directory work we will send you a spreadsheet that has the Directory Name, Directory URL, Directory Submit Link URL, used title, Description and Keywords in front of each Directory links and date of Submission.

  2. In the case of Article Submission work we will provide you with Article Directory URL with Email, user name and password information. With the help of login information you can see your article any time. You can also you verify our work.

  3. In the case of Social Bookmarking, we provide the Social bookmark site URL, Exact URL where we bookmark your site and user name and password.

  4. In the case of Press Release, we send you the spreadsheet that has Press Release Website URL, page rank, user Name, Password, Email iD.

Our Link Building Campaigns have proven results time after time

Contact us today to begin your Link Building Campaign and boost your keywords in the search engine results.